Salt Products

We have used the salt with garlic on our cows that are leased out and the results are awesome. The cows are out grazing instead of trying to fight flys away. We also have a lot of customers that have nothing bad to say about it. One of our customers has cattle in a community pasture and he uses the Ultra Tm/120 with garlic for the past five years. He said that he has seen gains in his calves and the cows come home in better condition. We also have customers use the cobalt blocks with garlic and getting lots of good feed back on them. Being a fellow rancher I know that we all want the weight on our calves in the fall cause the bigger the better. We have customers from Glaslyn, Sk to Whitecourt Ab and lots in between. Everyone that are using the salt either it be in loose form or blocks they like it. Hats off to Ceres Industries for being the first to come out with this great addition to the salt.

Kent & Marcie Carson
Black Diamond Acres

I have been using garlic in my loose pasture salt mix for 5 years now. I have a major problem with the flies at my summer pasture. In the past my cows were always bunched up during the day and fly tags were not working. I first mixed garlic powder in with the salt the first year and the results were incredible. My cows are in a community pasture with neighbor cows in the next paddock over and my cows had almost no flies and were spread across the pasture all day eating compared to the next pen over. You must be diligent with the salt consumption to make sure they don’t run out as well as making sure they are eating enough to get the right amount of garlic on a weekly basis. If they run out for any length of time they lose the scent and it takes time build it up again. I wouldn’t put them in my pasture without the garlic. I also mix in a little extra than what comes already in the bags.

Dean Moore
River View Ranch
Paradise Hill


"We used it for the first time at the lake and Wow! The neighbors have been asking how I keep my grass so much greener than the rest. Seems to be the grounds keeper is the reason."